Tick… Tock…

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Tick… Tock… Tick… Tock…

Eyes fastened on the clock

Seconds moving passed fast

Future. Present. Past.

Minutes into hours and then hours into days

Then to weeks, months, years drifting by in a haze

One day the ticking clock in this body will stop

Time to get living… tick… tock… tick… tock…

© Ben Cotton


Wedding Etiquette

At first I was so much in shock

I thought I must be dreaming

Reality then hit me

As your nostrils started streaming

The slimy sneeze upon my face

Was clear to behold

The wedding guests around me

All began to swat and scold

“I do detest and protest

Of your vile behaviour

If you don’t stop, I’ll vomit up

So please; do me a favour.”

Your dignity in tatters

Your reputation shot

I started to unstick myself

From your phlegmliscious snot

But then from out of nowhere

(One desires to consider)

There breathed a dirty sound

As soon a stench you summoned hither

With gale force persuasion

I was blasted off my seat

I couldn’t comprehend

How the rest could sit and eat

My arm is gently grasped

As I am helped off the floor

Who should it be my poor eyes meet

All swollen and sore?

As you and I stand face to face

I step into a squelch

And out your mouth come no words

But a bristling, booming belch

I’m startled and I show it

But I must swallow my pride

She may not follow etiquette

But she is still my bride!

© Ben Cotton







The Referee’s the Law

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Football is a team sport

In which two sides compete

To score sufficient goals to make their

Victory complete

Eleven players on each end

In colours red and blue

Yet one man stands alone;

To him credit must be due

Without him games would plummet

Into crazed calamity

He holds the cards and whistle

He’s the law; the referee

But when he blows that whistle

Seeing justice to be done

A swarm of angry players

Will to him madly run

The card colour of blood

Has been swiftly held aloft

A player’s brutal challenge

Brings on him an equal cost

But for the referee

Comes a quick and viscous fight

There’s now ten men around him

And he disappears from sight

Imagine for a moment

You are sat inside a dock

You’re a criminal in court

And it is verdict o’clock

The judge and jury decide

On the punishment you’ll face

But you scream out bloody murder

Yelling out your sorry case

Yet the sentence has been given

So whine and wail away

You’re going into prison

A decision has been made

So if when playing football

You get booked for a foul

Even if you don’t agree

It won’t help if you howl

And even if the referee has

Got it wrong all day

The referee’s the law

Instead of whining walk away

© Ben Cotton


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You jibber

And you jabber

And you speak

And you babble

And you gossip

And you chatter

And you gab

And you prattle

And you gas

And you yak

And you talk

And you chat

You discuss

And converse

And blurt out

And discourse

You verbalise

And dialogue

And lecture

And monologue

You utter many words

Into my weary ear

But did you actually SAY something?

I’ve no idea

© Ben Cotton

Big Brother

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big brother is watching you

he knows what’s on your mind

from when you wake to when you sleep

and he’s not hard to find

he lives in your computer

and your mobile phone device

he knows your wit and wisdom;

he knows your every vice

and should you express thinking

contradicting brother’s aims

and should you make a fool of his

precise and petty games

may you be reminded that

his eyes are everywhere

big brother is watching

only cross him if you dare

© Ben Cotton


Do you want to buy this guitar?

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I’m trying to sell the instruments

I don’t use any more

They’re not going for cheap

But a bargain? That’s for sure

My drum kit had been sitting in

The garage for a year

Surrounded by the garden tools

And bottles full of beer

I sold that recently however

Got a decent price

Though my guitars are harder

To get rid of than headlice

The first one that I’ll mention

Has a wonky bridge it’s true

It came off this one time

So I used some superglue

That didn’t work out well

I must sell it for scrap

My other one’s on ebay though

And this one’s not a trap

So if you are online one time

And want a great guitar!

Then buy my old BC Rich

You’ll be a superstar!

How can I plug this to you..

What will make it sell?

It is a has the torchy artwork

Twenty four frets as well

Some scratches on the back

(From my belt no doubt)

Other than that it’s pretty good

And time is running out

I won’t take it to heart

If no-one ever bids

But it’s far too cool for me

So buy it for your kids.

© Ben Cotton

Eyes on the Prize

Eyes on the prize

You got the Word

You have your goal

Know what you heard

Now set your focus

Watch your steps

Press on forward

No regrets

Eyes on the prize

Your time has come

And you wont quit

Until your done

You have support

If you’ll incline

And you have foes

Who’ll undermine

And you could choose

To pack it in

If things get hard

Not if but when

Could let your dreams go

Drifting by

And wake up one day

Wondering Why?

So buckle your belt

And tie your shoes

Count the cost

Know what you choose

Will not be easy,

Quick or fair

Eyes on the prize

Till you get there

© Ben Cotton