An Ox and a Cow and a Goat

Twenty pirates sat in a boat

Along with an Ox and a Cow and a Goat.

Goat was quite a scholarly fellow.

Ox’s teeth were cracked and yellow.

Cow was plump and round and fat.

The pirates plotted where they sat.

“Let’s cook the Cow, she looks tasty,

That old Goat is pale and pasty,

As for the Ox, he looks the worst,

We’ll eat him last, but Fatty first.”

Goat thought very hard that day,

Deciding they should get away.

“Hey Ox,” he muttered, “Can you swim?”

“Why, yes!” the Ox replied to him.

“Let’s escape then, you and me

Cow will be just fine, you’ll see!”

Ox replied he would not go

And leave their friend behind, alone.

“We’re losing time, you stubborn Ox!

It will be our necks in the docks…

Fine, we’ll bring along the Cow,

I only wish that I knew how…”

As pirates sharpened up their knives

There came a mooing from behind.

Cow was swimming, out the boat;

Beckoning to the old Goat.

“Up on my back now, and be quick!

Staying would be very thick.”

For land the animals then set,

(Goat trying not to get wet)

“We got you out!” the Goat then cheered,

But Cow had never really feared:

“Pirates couldn’t be my end.

Don’t you understand my friend?

It wasn’t me afraid of water,

Thinking life was getting shorter.

I can swim; Ox can too,

We we’re trying to rescue you!”

© Ben Cotton


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