Pirates Vs Dragons II

Captain sat upon a dragon

Staring at the view

He missed his pirate ship;

And the ocean waves of blue

Since they and the dragons

Had become partners in crime

They had flown upon their friends

Leaving pirate ships behind

But now he’d had enough

“Dragon! Stop ri’ where ye are!

Drop me ‘n’ me crew off

‘N’ be careful wi’ ye fire!”

The dragons were obliged

To follow Captain’s orders

Many were fed up

Of being used just as transporters

“Why’d we ferry these

Muppets around anyway?”

Said one to another

As they flew through the day

“We can breathe out flame

And we’re bigger and can fly,

We shouldn’t be slaves

For them to rule on high!”

The dragons then met up

For a little heart to heart

While the pirates talked together

Whether they should depart

“Don’t ye miss the waves?”

Captain said with a roar

“‘N’ walkin’ the plank?

‘N’ scrubbin’ up the floor?”

“YEA!” said the crew “wait…”

“Tha’s settled then!”

Captain rubbed his hands

And spread his toothy grin

“To the ships!”

“Where’s the ships?”

“To the sea!

We will go.

And reclaim out ‘eritage

With a yo ho ho!”

The dragons meanwhile

Were in a fierce debate

“We should crisp ’em all!”

Shouted out one called Snake

Now unlike the pirates

The dragons had no chief

Democracy was king

But it didn’t bring relief

This time they were cowed

By the loudest, brashest voice

They were intimidated

Into making a bad choice

They went along with Snake

Who caused them the most grief

And just like that

A villain became chief

The pirates on the beach

Were about to hitch a lift

When behind them came a hundred wings

Strong and fierce and swift

“ATTACK!” shouted Snake

And the dragons all obeyed

Grabbing pirates in their talons

Turning sunlight into shade

“Aha!” cried the Captain,

“So ye wan’ another battle!

We’ll slay yer one an’ all

Yer great fire-spewing cattle!”

They clashed on the beach

With sword and tooth and claw

Some pirates escaped

To the ship near the shore

As one dragon grappled

With his former pirate friend

They collapsed into the ocean

Never to be seen again

They’d secretly decided

To flee away together

They were brothers in arms

They were birds of a feather

T’was a silly thing

T’was a nonsense fight

They could battle real enemies

Through day and through night

They weren’t the only pair

Who abandoned the brawl

Everyone but Snake and Captain

Had soon left the scrawl

Fire snorted out

Of Snake’s venomous mouth

The pirate dived in sand dunes

And dodged and reeled about

Finally Snake lunged;

Pinned his foe to the floor

He grinned a sly grin

And he lifted up his claw

The Captain dangled like a mouse

Above the razor teeth

He desperately grabbed hold

Of a fang from beneath

And with a mighty CRACK!

The fang had broken loose

Captain threw the thing inside;

And Snake swallowed his tooth

Snake, enraged and choking,

Vanished from the scene

Captain was left alone

With the ship, the crew, the sea.

© Ben Cotton


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