April Fool

April Fools Report

In the month of April

I endeavor to be cool

I must this year try not to be

The annual April Fool

I slip on my sunglasses

And I wear the hipster garb

I feel like a trend setter

With my necklace of rhubarb

I use the slangest vocab

Like “Rachet” and “Norm Core”

But secretly I wonder

What on earth these words are for

I get a lot of laughs

When I’m ‘chillin’ with the kids

They say I’m “off the hook” and should

Redecorate my digs

I fill my home with things

Trying to impress the peeps

Even though a lot of it

Is giving me the creeps

I get the latest info

From my social network news

I’m working on my balance

Wearing awkward platform shoes

I’ve put a lot of effort in

Trying to be cool

But in my heart of hearts I feel

Like I’m the April Fool

© Ben Cotton


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