A Piece of Cake

Do I want a piece of cake?

Hold on, let me think.

Is grass the colour green?

And is orange juice a drink?

Are houses made of bricks?

Do lampposts light the road?

Do tadpoles become frogs?

And do fireworks explode?

Is gravity a force

That keeps us all on earth?

Do babies form inside their mothers

Before given birth?

Are we revolving round the sun

At 19 miles per second?

Yes, I tell you, Yes, YES!

(or so that it is reckoned)

Just let me have some cake

Before I am reminded

My maths homework isn’t done

The numbers undivided

Do I want to do it?

Well, is gravity a frog?

Are fireworks invisible?

Is orange juice a dog?

Are elephants pocket-sized?

Is rain tomato soup?

Is my house a marshmallow?

Is a straight line a loop?

Is oxygen an animal?

Do stars come from a tube?

Do humans have 100 eyes?

And is the world a cube?

No, I tell you, No, NO!

My head I shake and shake

Because you’re saying my maths homework

Is a piece of cake.

© Ben Cotton







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