The Referee’s the Law

Image result for referee

Football is a team sport

In which two sides compete

To score sufficient goals to make their

Victory complete

Eleven players on each end

In colours red and blue

Yet one man stands alone;

To him credit must be due

Without him games would plummet

Into crazed calamity

He holds the cards and whistle

He’s the law; the referee

But when he blows that whistle

Seeing justice to be done

A swarm of angry players

Will to him madly run

The card colour of blood

Has been swiftly held aloft

A player’s brutal challenge

Brings on him an equal cost

But for the referee

Comes a quick and viscous fight

There’s now ten men around him

And he disappears from sight

Imagine for a moment

You are sat inside a dock

You’re a criminal in court

And it is verdict o’clock

The judge and jury decide

On the punishment you’ll face

But you scream out bloody murder

Yelling out your sorry case

Yet the sentence has been given

So whine and wail away

You’re going into prison

A decision has been made

So if when playing football

You get booked for a foul

Even if you don’t agree

It won’t help if you howl

And even if the referee has

Got it wrong all day

The referee’s the law

Instead of whining walk away

© Ben Cotton


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