Do you want to buy this guitar?

Image result for bc rich torchy

I’m trying to sell the instruments

I don’t use any more

They’re not going for cheap

But a bargain? That’s for sure

My drum kit had been sitting in

The garage for a year

Surrounded by the garden tools

And bottles full of beer

I sold that recently however

Got a decent price

Though my guitars are harder

To get rid of than headlice

The first one that I’ll mention

Has a wonky bridge it’s true

It came off this one time

So I used some superglue

That didn’t work out well

I must sell it for scrap

My other one’s on ebay though

And this one’s not a trap

So if you are online one time

And want a great guitar!

Then buy my old BC Rich

You’ll be a superstar!

How can I plug this to you..

What will make it sell?

It is a has the torchy artwork

Twenty four frets as well

Some scratches on the back

(From my belt no doubt)

Other than that it’s pretty good

And time is running out

I won’t take it to heart

If no-one ever bids

But it’s far too cool for me

So buy it for your kids.

© Ben Cotton


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