Yes, I certainly agree

That right now I need a wee

My bladder’s like a big beach ball

I can’t go now though, not at all

Why? For reasons listed here;

So let me make this very clear:

It’s my cue in the school play

I must be on without delay

There is pressure, certainly

It’s building up, can’t you see?

I’m in a meeting that is long

My boss’s speech goes on and on

This part is crucial, aimed at me

Should I just wee here quietly?

I’m in a roller-coaster queue

I’ll lose my place, it’s sad but true!

I’m on a boat, I’m in a lift

My trousers are too tight and stiff

For these reasons I am sure

I cannot go now and what’s more,

I had a big lunch so quite soon,

All of that food will want out too!

©Ben Cotton


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