Red Apple Green Apple

Red apple green apple

Sour apple sweet apple

Good apple bad apple

Happy apple sad apple

Lady apple man apple

Gold apple gran apple

Small apple big apple

Adam’s apple pig’s apple

Rotten apple fresh apple

Life apple death apple

Apples in porridge

Apples with ham

Apples in strudel

Apples in jam

Apples in slices

Apple with herbs

Apples in crisis

Apples for birds

Apples on the floor

Apples in the rafters

Apple appetizers

Apples for afters

Apples in juice

Apple in my goatee

Apples falling on my head

Apples in a tree

Apple for the doctor

Apple in my eye

Apples on a pizza

Apples in a pie

Apples in the supermarket

Apples as a bullseye

Apples for a bargain

Apples with the price high

Apples for your breakfast

Apples for your tea

I love apples

But they don’t love me

© Ben Cotton


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