Pirates Vs Dragons

“How do we keep our economy stable?”

The dragons’ discussed around the table

The problem was that they needed more gold

Not to spend, but to behold

And sit upon and throw around

But no more gold there could be found

They’d searched the mountains and the mines

They’d drawn up maps and followed signs

They’d burned down towns and planes in flight

And stole from poor and rich alike

Where was the more? They needed more!

Perhaps they should have looked offshore…

Where mast set high and rigging taut

A brood of pirates had just caught

Sight of a ship that had more gold

Than the whole earth could surely hold!

With swish of sword and crack of gun

The pirates had two ships, not one

They’d become richer in one day

Than all those dragons, far away

Or not so far as so you’ve guessed

Dragons had set out on their quest

Not to land of rock and stone

But to the pirate’s ocean home

“Well I says, arrrr!” and “Yarrr! says I.”

“There be beasties in the sky!”

As pirates picked out weapons for battle

The dragons hissed and spoke with a rattle

“Give us the treasure or else good chum”

“We’ll burn you up like sea-dog scum!”

The pirates reply

Was a “Nay says I!”

“We’ll never agree,

To the death it be!”

As they shouted the sky turned black

And rain poured off the beasties backs

Extinguishing their fiery flame

And as they cursed, the pirates came

To tie them up with ropes of steel

All round the soggy battlefield

Dragons, responding super quick,

Put their weight on one big ship

And down it sank to the depths below

The angry pirates had a go:

“You idiots! That’s all the gold!

Hope you can swim, you wormy trolls!”

“Oh,” said dragons, all as one

“Our plan seems to have gone all wrong.”

They then began to fly away

But Captain Pirate shouted “Stay!”

The puzzled dragons whirled around

As rain stopped dead and sea calmed down

“If we want this buried treasure,

We’re going to have to work together!”

The Captain’s plan he soon did tell

Which somehow went down really well

And so there was the strangest sight

Of pirate-riding-dragon flight

Towards the sea they breathed their fire

And underneath a heat so dire

The ocean boiled to the floor

Where gold shined brighter than before

The pirates gathered all they could

(The dragon’s claws were no good)

Then they shared their sweet delight

And all became firm friends that night.

© Ben Cotton


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