I’m starting a blog entry

Why? It’s something to do

Plus if I stop I’ll never grow

The number of my views

My twitter account is brand new

Will anybody follow?

Well what you got to offer Ben?

Your content is all hollow

You’re tickling the surface

I could do that with a feather

But it wont save my soul

When I’m caught under the weather

Jesus is the answer that

The world so badly craves

Every day they don’t know Him they’re

Digging their own graves

Entertainment cannot help them

Stop this self glorification

If people follow you

They’ll have a dreadful destination

Follow Christ. Y’know He saved me

When I had lost all hope

He freed me in my purpose

That was swinging from a rope

In perfection I could never reach

He forgave all my sin

He set me free from evil

That used to stick to me and cling

And now I too can forgive

And offer the world Jesus

A spotless and an awesome king

Who will not trick or tease us

He gave me life and joy and peace

And filled me with His love

When I have no one left I’ll have

My Savior from above

© Ben Cotton

“You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13


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