Star Wars

i feel like an Emperor;

an inVader from afar

Trilogy is what I named

my thrice crashed car

i don’t ever drive Solo

in case I must be towed

my car is pretty bad

and it will Spin Off the road

i’m not a bad driver

but if you Force me then i’ll fight

there’s Layer-s to this operation

and it’s ugly in the Light

Sabre toothed tigers

were less dangerous on the day

that with one Han-d I opened Chewy

Galaxy bars on the way

they’re calling me a Rebel

’cause i Plan It to go wrong

insurance fees fly faster than

a compleX Wing Falcon

so you may think i’m a Fuzzball

critics i cannot avoid

but i wont exactly STARt WARS

with my vehicular Droid

© Ben Cotton


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