The Letter

I’m waiting for the mailman to deliver me my post

Whilst I turn the kettle on and spread butter on my toast

An important letter should come through the door quite soon

And I really do not want it read by any old buffoon

So I’ll pour a bit more water in the kettle now to boil

And I’ll unwrap some more bread from its packaging of foil

A knock upon the door at last, this must be my letter!

But when I ask the postie says he’s got something better

A box of something somehow has my name upon the sides

I am annoyed but curious and that’s what overrides

It’s an alarm clock with a little note onto it tacked

“Work starts at 9 o’clock. You will be on time or be sacked.”

I didn’t get my letter, had to accept my loss

And went to work to make some toast and coffee for my boss.

© Ben Cotton


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