If I had wings then I could fly

And if I could fly then I could dive

And if I could dive well then I could swim

And if I could swim then thats a win

Because I could breathe underwater too

And sleep with my eyes open like fishes do

And if I could do that I’d watch TV all night

And if burglars came in I’d be ready to fight

Because I could do kung fu, karate and judo

And back-flips and wrestling just like on that new show

And I’d be well famous and have lots of money

And people would love me and think that I’m funny

I’d drive a posh car and have a posh wife

I’d talk to posh people and live a posh life

But before all that I need some wings

So pass me that tape there by those bins

I don’t even care if I’m up ‘til ten

‘cause when I’ve got wings then then then then…

© Ben Cotton


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