Despair at Christmas (hope)

It’s Christmas time

What a time!

A time for mince pies and mulled wine

A time for kids (and adults too)

A time for family, friends and food

Here we are at Christmas time

And I am wondering. Wondering why

Why do I get to be here?

Alive and well and with my beer

Whilst conflict rages round the world

Whilst there’s no homes for boys and girls

Whilst innocent people watch the clock

And pray for evil just to stop

Whilst hurricanes spin and earthquakes shake

Whilst waters rise and fires wake

Whilst rape and murder rises high

And people die and die and die

And if we care what can we do

Drown that out with TV too?

What a time is Christmas time

To bend our hearts to the world’s cry

To change the story in some way

So tomorrow’s brighter than today

To reach out to our suffering friends

To write a different, better end

To defeat despair, to more than cope

To together gift each other hope.

Love each other. That’s what they say.

Love each other. No other way.

© Ben Cotton 2016

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”

Desmond Tutu


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