Fat Cat

Cat was not a cat, but a little caterpiller

She loved eating meals and between them eating filler

The other bugs laughed and scoffed at Cat

Shouting insults and calling her fat.

She didn’t mind that she ate lots of food.

She did it because it tasted so good!

How wonderful, I get to eat

Such diverse and delicious treats!

Then one day she went into her shell

The insects shouted, “We broke her down well!”

She stayed right there, and there she stayed

Hiding out for days and days

Then one day she wriggled out

With wonderful wings all wrapped about

The other insects were amazed

From Cat they couldn’t lift their gaze

“You wonder how I did this feat?

Well, I was made to eat and eat.

If I had listened to advice from you

I wouldn’t have survived in my cocoon.

We all have gifts, they’re yours to find

So live the way you were designed

Not to be popular and please the crowd

But to be you within and without.”

© Ben Cotton


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