St George

It’s St George’s day today, so to celebrate this thing

I thought I would write a little rhyming poem about him

He’s the knight who fought a dragon! Well no, not really, no

He was a roman soldier who was tortured years ago

Dragged all through the streets and then had his head cut off

Is this the fearless knight that legends are all speaking of?

That can’t be the ending! Hero’s never die!

If he’s our patron saint I really want to find out why

George gave up his position as an army officer

And confronted the rule of a roman emperor

He made known his faith in God, on whom his heart was set

For the empire at that time feared Christians as a threat

They would torture any Christian ‘til their faith had been renounced

But this was the same thing that fearless George had to announce

He was a man, not a legend, and his life wasn’t a waste

He had purpose and a fire inside that came out of his faith

His legacy was courage that true identity had forged

Is there anything that you believe in as strongly as George?

© Ben Cotton


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